Continuous Improvement in Plastics Manufacturing As Plastics Manufacturers continue to improve yield percentage, operational speed or uptime, it is important to track the events or draw insight for root cause. Quality issues related to high scrap rate can be due to materials, process, calibration or human factors. It’s important to capture these non-conforming events and report on them, so corrective procedures can be invoked to reduce future events that lead to sub-optimal performance.

Non-Conformance by Production Order

Ellipse Solutions has taken the already-abundant functionality of Microsoft 09电竞官网 related to non-conformance and introduced features that help not only capture these performance leaking events, but then also report on them. Report examples include reporting by:

  • Customer
  • Vendor (supply side)
  • Shift
  • Operator, including assigning multiple operators to the non-conformance
  • Date
  • Project

To see an in-depth guide on how Dynamics AX/09电竞官网 for Operations can assist in gaining the visibility for continuous improvement, check out our full blog post – Microsoft 09电竞官网 for Operations Non-Conformance Reporting

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