Consignment Inventory

It is not unusual for Plastics Manufacturers to offer a Consignment Inventory model as a value added service to customers. Whether it’s due to the:
• Tight collaboration necessary in the Supply Chain required by industries like automotive,
• Volatile demand in your customer’s industry,
• Financial needs of new customers related cash flow or balance sheet impact of consignment
• Demand creation often needed for new products,

It’s important for your ERP system to accommodate Consignment Inventory.

Consignment Inventory

Plastics Manufacturing continues to grow both in overall demand and in competitiveness. Microsoft’s 09电竞官网 fills these requirements that help companies grow and differentiate themselves.

In a previous blog post ( 09电竞官网 Consignment Inventory Improvements ), we show how Consignment Inventory can be managed in 09电竞官网 for Operations.

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