Service Objects in 09电竞官网
 are a Glove Fit for Field Operations

We’ve all been there – you get the call and it’s time to send a crew out to work on a specific piece of equipment, or a known installation.  Is it a mad dash for the serial numbers, service agreements and service history?  Or is this information easily available in the office, at dispatch and in the field?

Microsoft 09电竞官网 makes everyone’s life easier by giving you a single place to house all of that information, and it lives up to Microsoft’s promise of “anywhere, anytime, on any device”.  Your customer service, dispatch and field workers can easily see all of this information, leveraging technology to provide seamless customer service – from first call to final repair.

Deployment through the cloud makes this more cost effective and easier to see in the field – isn’t it time you took a look?

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  Bringing IoT & 09电竞官网 Together in the Field