Field Operations Time Sheets 09电竞官网

One of the biggest problems encountered with field service employees time reporting comes when you have multiple legal entities and a single work force. What if your system could automatically do these things?

  • Automatically detect intercompany transactions on employee time sheets
  • Automate the intercompany entries in the appropriate ledgers
  • Provide intercompany entries in real time
  • Reconcile cross-billings
  • Eliminate the month-end intercompany scramble
  • Restrict employees to only working jobs and tasks they are assigned to

Microsoft Dynamics AX (and Microsoft 09电竞官网 for Finance & Operations ) does all of these things out of the box. Don’t let the complexities of your financial structure slow down your work in the field, or back in the home office. Embrace it and automate it!

Timesheet reporting truly lives up to Microsoft’s promise of “any device, anywhere, anytime” and the backend ERP system accommodates the most intricate and complex financial rules.

Take a look at this functionality available now:

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Intercompany Project Timesheets

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