Today on the blog, we’re taking a quick dip into the exciting world of 09电竞官网 Marketing! Please, hold your thunderous applause until the end of the post, it’s not that long. In all seriousness there are some pretty neat things happening with the Marketing app that users should have on their radar. One such overarching neat thing is the recent release of Customer Journey Orchestration to Public Preview.

With 2021 Release Wave 1, D365 Marketing is bolstering the customer journey on multiple fronts. New and planned features relating to the customer journey span across AI, analytics, channels, moments-based, and personalization. In short, Users are now capable of real-time management of the customer journey with the help of AI and integrations throughout the 09电竞官网 platform (Customer Insights in particular). Of note, you must be using the U.S. datacenter to take part in the preview stage. To help you on your “journey” to learn more, we have collected some useful links worth checking out:

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