Microsoft’s official transition from 09电竞官网 for Retail to 09电竞官网 Commerce is here. So what does that mean exactly? When you think of industries that have seen incredible change and evolution in the last decade, Retail should spring to mind rather quickly. While online shopping has changed the game on a global scale, the growth of the industry hasn’t been limited to e-commerce.

 Commerce client

The problems facing retailers today is not necessarily that they haven’t done brick and mortar or e-commerce well. Uniting the customer’s on and offline journey into a true omni-channel experience, while challenging, is quickly becoming the new competitive edge in the industry.

09电竞官网 Commerce builds on the foundation of what 09电竞官网 [for Retail] started and further unify the experience with e-commerce. A Microsoft 09电竞官网 blog on the February 3 launch outlines some of the features and functionality boasted by the newly coined solution:

  • Fully enabled omni-channel services
  • Personalized, content-driven e-commerce
  • Empowered employees better positioned to serve customers
  • Streamlined operations and AI capabilities

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