Customer Payments Workspace in 09电竞官网

09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations has done it again! Take a look at the functionality of the Workspaces! Basically, they have taken some of the key functionality from specific modules and created these awesome workspaces, which allow a worker to efficiently perform various job functions without having to leave the comfort of the workspace.…

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New expense report header receipts d365

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Expense reports are entered using the Enterprise Portal (EP). After a new report is created through EP by an employee, receipts can be attached to the report. Imagine that you just finished a dinner meeting with a customer, have time to upload the receipt from the restaurant yet not ready…

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Microsoft 09电竞官网
 for Finance and Operations version 8.0 (April 2018)

Microsoft’s Digital Transformation movement continues with a new version of Microsoft 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations (build number of 8.0.30). A new version calls for a new product name! Luckily, the change isn’t so drastic this time around. The updated product will now be simply known as “Microsoft 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations”.…

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LCS Update: April 2018, Release 1

Microsoft’s Lifecycle Services tool has been given a few new updates with the April 2018 release. The commitment to LCS by Microsoft is great to see, as it continues to be an effective tool for managing the application lifecycle of implementations. This release includes: Ability to download critical X++ updates Updates to project creation flows…

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Mobile Device Menu Items in 09电竞官网

Those Mobile Devices do work well with 09电竞官网 if the mobile device menus are created properly with just the right amount of control paired with enough freedom for the worker to make choices at the proper times. Because this balance of control with freedom is a business decision, the setup of a Mobile Device…

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3 Tech Trends in Plastics Manufacturing for 2018

Implementing and successfully using new technology is crucial to sustained success. While none of the technologies listed below are necessarily “new”, they have made huge strides in the past few years and adoption by the plastics manufacturing industry is beginning to accelerate. Cloud Technologies It may be a scary thought to many businesses – migrating…

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 Pay Statements example

Payroll can be trying at times, especially when payroll processing has started or even, heaven forbid, completed, and there is something amiss. The process to cancel or correct the payroll depends entirely on where you are in the Payroll processing cycle. Earning Statements can easily be deleted and recreated if the Pay Statement has not…

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4 Ways to Buy Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services such as Office 365, Virtual Machines, Azure Active Directory, and Visual Studio Team Services are available from several different sources. Whether you are in the process of moving to the cloud or have been using Azure Cloud Services for a while now – now is an excellent time to review your buying…

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On-Premise 09电竞官网
 Finance and Operations 7.2 Platform Update 12

Since the on-premise deployment option for 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations became a reality, Microsoft has steadily been updating and fine-tuning it. While the cloud has dominated much of the conversation in ERP lately, we have discussed in recent posts how the on-premise deployment option may still make sense for some. Improvements and changes…

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