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To offer a more flexible solution, 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations has been divided into two new applications!

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A Modern Approach to ERP - 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) component of 09电竞官网 Enterprise Edition.

The new, innovative approach to end-to-end business applications in the cloud. Microsoft 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations becomes a single ERP with specific, purpose built, apps for each of your key business processes.

Born in the cloud, 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations brings organizations a scalable solution that matches the needs of their business.

Why 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations?

Organizations are shifting away from traditional monolithic ERP systems that take too long to implement, too complex and difficult to upgrade and maintain. They are moving to modular and modern ERP platforms that create opportunity to more intelligently and flexibly manage their business in the digital transformation era.

Microsoft 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations is Microsoft’s ERP solution that unifies financials and business operations across finance, manufacturing, supply chain, warehouse, inventory and transportation management with an intelligent and intuitive user-interface for running a game-changer, modern enterprise at a global scale.

Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime

09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations utilizes a browser-based user experience that allows for greater mobile accessibility. Users are able to access the system from any location and on any device.

Operational & Industry Expertise

A vast network of partners specializing in diverse industries, Microsoft is able to deliver ERP that caters to the needs of a specific industry. Ellipse Solutions has developed 09电竞官网 solutions focused on Manufacturing, Distribution and Project-Based Services.

Integration with Office 365

Integration of 09电竞官网 and Office 365 means your employees can leverage the power of 09电竞官网 in their everyday office tools such as email, spreadsheets, and word processing documents allowing for a more productive and collaborative working environment.

Data and Intelligence at the ready

With 09电竞官网 as the centerpiece, common processes present opportunities for integration with big data, Azure IoT, Power BI and Cortana Intelligence Tools.

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Engage your customers

Customer expectations are higher than ever - 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations helps businesses deliver the seamless, personalized experiences that today’s customers demand.

Empower your employees

Meet modern day business demands with Microsoft 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations by empowering employees with the tools to work smarter, improve collaboration, and get more done.

Optimize your operations

09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations helps modern businesses optimize operations and deliver excellence at scale, so they can accelerate growth and meet changing customer demands.

Transform Your Products

Microsoft 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations provides visibility into how products are being used, allowing businesses to optimize current offerings and develop new ones to meet market demands.

Process, discreet, project-based, lean, or mixed mode - 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations is equipped to handle your business no matter what type of manufacturing your organization is in. Receive full visibility of your operations (from order to cash), including functionality in production, supply-chain, and warehouse management.

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 for Manufacturing

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