On-Premise 09电竞官网
 Finance and Operations 7.2 Platform Update 12

Since the on-premise deployment option for 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations became a reality, Microsoft has steadily been updating and fine-tuning it. While the cloud has dominated much of the conversation in ERP lately, we have discussed in recent posts how the on-premise deployment option may still make sense for some. Improvements and changes…

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Platform Updates 09电竞官网
 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft has just announced some major changes to the way platform updates are delivered in Microsoft 09电竞官网 for Finance and Operations! In an effort to streamline the process, Microsoft will begin managing the updates in an automated fashion. This new delivery method will remove the burden of manual updates and ensure that 09电竞官网 …

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mobility dynamics 365 for operations

Last week, 09电竞官网 for Operations Platform Update 4 was released. If you haven’t already discovered, it’s loaded with some great improvements! Here’s a quick rundown of the latest and greatest 09电竞官网 for Operations, build number 7.0.4425.16161: Power BI By loaded, we mean embedded, because Power BI is now embedded for all users. That…

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